In today's pluralistic world people have a wide range of expectations about what a church should be and do. Our vision for Trinity Baptist Church, as a church of the Lord Jesus Christ, is that we should be God-centered and yet people-oriented. That is, our primary concern is to glorify God through His worship and the proclamation of His Word. But the central message of that Word is directed to mankind's need for forgiveness and reconciliation with God. And so, we are also concerned to bring the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ to everyone around us.

As we gather together each week, the focus of our ministry is on worship and the preaching and teaching of the Bible. Following the directions of Jesus in Matthew 28:18-20, we seek to make disciples and to teach them all things that Jesus commands. But this duty extends well beyond our local assembly because Christ's concern is for "all the nations."

Our ministries include outreach to the farthest parts of the globe, as we participate in gospel endeavors worldwide. We seek to represent our risen Lord on earth as, in His strength and grace, we minister to the material and spiritual needs of our generation.