The New Testament model of gospel outreach, as recorded in the Book of Acts and the Apostles' letters, clearly indicates the central place of the local church in missionary endeavors. Trinity Baptist Church actively engages in missions work for the ultimate purpose of establishing biblical, God-honoring churches in other nations as well as our own. Following the model of such key passages as Acts 14, we seek to evangelize, that is, to make truly converted disciples of Jesus Christ, and then to form those disciples into local bodies with competent spiritual leaders from their own ranks.

Trinity Baptist Church gives direct support and oversight to missions and church planting efforts in Puerto Rico, the Philippines, South Korea, the Far East, and South Asia. We also contribute financially to foreign missions activities of other churches, and we pray regularly for our brethren in other lands. Part of Trinity's ongoing benevolence and prayer life is for the persecuted and suffering church, as we keep aware of special needs and send financial help.

Closer at hand, our church also extends spiritual oversight and financial support for church planting efforts in the U.S. Several churches with a single elder look to the elders of our church for counsel and oversight, and we regularly assist smaller assemblies that Christ the Head of the church is bringing to birth.